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For Nonprofits

Save time. Stay organized.

With QuickBooks keep your books accurate and up to date, automatically.? Stay organized and compliant - NGO Accounting

The Nonprofit Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise is ideal for nonprofit organizations in need of complex accounting, strong reporting, and many users.

Unfortunately, there is no nonprofit discount available for QuickBooks Enterprise (and all of your donors and volunteers will be called customers and employees within the software).

1. Flexibility to get more done: Get access for 5-30 simultaneous users, work in two organization files at once, and easily combine reports from multiple files for deeper insights

2. Store donor information securely: Grow your donor, vendor, and item lists without compromising processing time. Easily fine-tune levels of access so volunteers only see the information they need.

3. Your organization is at your fingertips: Keep your Board and the CRA up to date effortlessly. The information you need to manage donors, fundraising campaigns, volunteers, and employees is all in one place.

4. Get the support you need: You don’t have to be a software expert to make Enterprise run smoothly. You have unlimited technical support and training over the phone during weekday hours.

Services offered for with QuickBooks for Nonprofits - NGOs

1. Software Supply and Installations for Organizations
2. Software customizations in that it suits the nature of your workflow
3. Comprehensive Customized user-training and support
4. Data migrations from other accounting software to QuickBooks Desktop/Online
5. Budgeting and Payrolls for Nonprofits

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  • * Chart of Accounts & Auto Ledger Distributions
    * Tracks Donor Grants and Pledges
    * Tracks Vendors/Suppliers Payments (Payables)
    * Tracks and Manages Donor & Organization Budgets
    * Tracks Taxes (LST, VAT, WHT, PAYE, NSSF etc)
    * Has auto System Generated Payment Vouchers
    * Budget Vs Actual by Donor/Grants
    * Tracks Program/Project Reports
    * Budget Vs Actual by Programs/Projects
    * Tracks Donor Contribution Reports
    * Tracks Payroll Activities (Salaries and Wages)
    * Has Fixed Assets Manager for both (Donor / Organizational Assets)
    * Posts Project/Donor Accountabilities
    * You can Easily Do General Journal Posting & Audit Trails
    * Does Banking and Reconciliations Automatically
    * Creates Donor/Project Reports Automatically
    * It has Automatic Progressive Reports at all Periods
    * Has Statements of Financial Position both for Donor/Organization
    * Statement of Financial Income and Expense both for Donor/Organization

  • Pledges: Managing pledges is easy with the Nonprofit Edition. The pledge feature is set up similarly to the invoicing feature. When creating a pledge, you can add an item, description, class, amount, and tax.

    Donations: You can manage and record donations made by check, echeck, credit/debit card, or cash.

    Programs/Products: The Programs/Products Tool is a way of using the existing class tracking in QuickBooks

    Enterprise and applying it specifically to the programs or projects your nonprofit organizes.

    Donor Letters: Using QuickBooks Enterprise’s existing custom letter templates, you can create and send donor letters.

    Customized Chart of Accounts: QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Edition comes with a default chart of accounts specifically designed for a nonprofit organization. QuickBooks Enterprise uses the Unified

    Chart of Accounts (UCOA) for nonprofits.
    Nonprofit Reports: In addition to the 140+ reports that come with Enterprise, you’ll receive access to nine other reports. This addition covers crucial nonprofit reports such as a Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Functional Expenses (990). You’ll also have reports — such as the Biggest Donors/Grants report and the Budget vs. Actual Programs/Projects report — that provide nonprofit insight.

  • Budget by programs
    See specific budget items compared to actuals by program or project

    Statement of financial income & expense
    See specific budget items compared to actuals by program or project.

    Donor & grant reports
    See donor and grant contributions all in one place and the biggest donor report quickly shows you who is making the most impact.

    Statement of financial position
    View your current balance sheet and compare it to last year.