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Every business and individual is different. We offer customizable QuickBooks training based on your needs and goals. Request a free consultation today.

QuickBooks Beginner Level Training

This is the initial training level of QuickBooks. It involves;

1. Prepare For Setup;

2. Customize Your Form

3. Banking Basics

4. Chart of Accounts and Items

5. Invoice and Accounts Receivable Basics

6. Accounts Payable Basics

7. Customers Jobs and Vendors

Training Details and Charges

Training Fee:   $250

Duration:   1 Month

Award:    Certification

Programs:   Day/Weekend

QuickBooks Intermediate Level Training

This is the second level of training, it involves;

1. Step Up your Set Up Knowledge

2 Customization – Custom Fields

3. Accounts Payable

4. Customize Your Centers

5. More Lists for Better Tracking

6. Payroll Set Up and Use

7. Inventory and Services

8. Quotes Estimates and Sales Orders

9. Chart of Accounts Done Right

10. Intermediate Invoicing

11. Inventory Activities

12. Accounts Receivable Scenarios

13. Sales Tax

14. Communicating with your CPA

15. General Reports You Need to Know

Training Details and Charges

Training Fee:   $320

Duration:    1 Month

Award:      Certification

Programs:      Day/Weekend

QuickBooks Advanced Level Training

This is the last level of training, it involves;

1. Advanced File Set Up – Importing Lists

2. Advanced Accounts Receivable

3. Advanced Review for Accountants

4. Understanding Accounting

5. Troubleshooting in QuickBooks

6. Advanced Inventory

Training Details and Charges

Training Fee:  $200

Duration:   1 Month

Award:     Certification

Programs:   Day/Weekend


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