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QuickBooks for Contractors - Easy Accounting for Construction

Construction accounting software that works with you, whether you’re at the office or on the job. The Contractor Edition of QuickBooks is ideal for contracting, construction, and any business in need of advanced job costing and project management.

With every QuickBooks Enterprise purchase, you also receive an Intuit Field Service Management subscription for a single user, which could be very handy to contracting businesses in need of scheduling.

QuickBooks Desktop Editions with Perpetual Licenses (One-time Pay)

1. QuickBooks Desktop 2015
2. QuickBooks Desktop 2016
3. QuickBooks Desktop 2017
4. QuickBooks Desktop 2018
5. QuickBooks Desktop 2019
6. QuickBooks Desktop 2020
7. QuickBooks Desktop 2021
  • 1. Job Costing Center: The Contractor Edition comes with an actual Job Costing center which displays your three most profitable job and three least profitable jobs. There’s also a section called ‘Job Costing Highlights’ that shows your actual costs, expenses not assigned, and your outstanding bill totals.

    2. Item Percent Complete: This tool allows you to see the percentage complete on each item within your current jobs and projects.

    3. Change Orders: Change orders allow you to adjust an existing estimate. If a customer changes their mind on an estimate or a certain material isn’t available to complete an estimate, you can simply create a change order that will show up at the bottom of the estimate.

    4. You can have customers sign the change order section to approve the agreed-upon adjustment.

    5. This adds an extra layer of protection and clarity to estimate changes.

    6. Custom Billing Rates: You can set custom billing rate levels for different types of employees within your organization — apprentices, masters, and journeymen, for example. You can set fixed hourly rates or custom hourly rates by service item.

    7. Disallow Negative Inventory Quantities: The Contractor Edition permits you to disallow negative inventory quantities; however, QuickBooks does not recommend this.

    8. Customized Chart of Accounts: QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition comes with a default chart of accounts specifically designed for a contracting business.

    9. Contractor Reports: In addition to the 140+ reports that come with Enterprise, you’ll receive access to 19 other reports. Most of these reports revolve around job costing to give a contracting business a clearer idea of each project’s profitability.

  • 1 - Projects Status: Keep track of all your ongoing projects with one report
    2 - Project Costs by Project: View a summary of expenses for each project.
    3 - Unpaid bills by Project: See who owes what for each project.
    4 - Tracks income, profits and losses by project or job
    5 - Tracks Cost to Complete by Project
    6 - Tracks Expenses incurred by project/job and vendor/supplier
    7 - Tracks project materials profitability
    8 - Tracks project WIP (Work in Progress)
    9 - Tracks time by job and workers
    10 - Tracks Mileage by Job
    11 - Cost-to-Complete: See how much is needed for the project to be completed.
    12 - Track Quotations and Invoices for Jobs/Projects who are still in progress