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QuickBooks for Manufacturing & Wholesale Business

Make your manufacturing business more efficient than ever: The Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise is ideal for manufacturers and wholesalers in need of many users and strong sales reports.
The Platinum version of the software offers advanced inventory tools, which could be incredibly beneficial to these businesses.

Keep costs down and profits up
Track costs from raw materials to finished goods, including labor and shipping with landed cost and bill of materials. When component costs change, your total product cost updates automatically.

Find more efficiencies in your builds
Streamline your manufacturing processes with automated builds and purchase orders for all subassemblies and components required for a final assembly. Create production forecasts and plan labor allocation accordingly.

Automate more inventory processes
Use mobile barcode scanning* for picking, receiving, and cycle count* inventory updates. Track inventory down to the bin* or pallet across warehouses and trucks. Track by lot, serial numbers, and RMAs to easily manage warranties, returns, and recalls.

Streamline order management
Manage your entire pick-pack-and-ship workflow from one central dashboard.* Send pick instructions to your team’s mobile devices and fulfill orders across multiple locations. Print shipping labels and track shipments directly from QuickBooks.

In addition to the Standard Edition features, the Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition offers

Sales Order Fulfillment: You can send basic sales orders with the Standard Version of QuickBooks Enterprise, but the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet takes things to a new level. This worksheet shows the sales order date, ship date, number, job, open amount, amount to fulfill, and whether or not the sales order has been partially invoiced.

Item Receipts: You can send item receipts and create bills specifically for received items.

Backorder Tracking: Easily track customer and vendor backorders.

Worksheets and Forms: The Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition offers several key forms, including a Physical Inventory Worksheet, a Customer Return Materials Authorization Form, a Non-Conforming Material Report, and a Damaged Goods Log. All of these reports are made available through Microsoft Word. You can edit them directly in Word or print them for physical use.

Building Assemblies: While building assemblies are available in the Standard Version, the QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing and Warehouse Edition will create a default set of manufacturing-specific building assemblies.

Customized Chart of Accounts: QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing and the Wholesale Edition come with a default chart of accounts specifically designed for a manufacturing and wholesale business.

Manufacturing Reports: In addition to the 140+ reports that come with Enterprise, you’ll receive access to 11 other reports. These reports revolve predominantly around sales with reports like Sales by Class and Item Type or Profitability by Product.
  • * It has Chart of Accounts or Ledgers Centre
    * Tracks Customers, Employees and Suppliers Details
    * Tracks Services & Items that the business deals in
    * Tracks Incomes, Interests & Commissions
    * Tracks Bills and Payments
    * Tracks and Records Annual Budgets
    * Tracks business Receivables and Payables
    * Tracks Taxes (LST, VAT, PAYE, NSSF, WHT etc)
    * Create Credit Notes, Quotations, LPOs, Invoices, Receipts, & Payment Vouchers
    * Manages Business Loans & Repayment Schedule
    * It perfectly tracks Stock (Stock-In and Stock-Out)
    * It does Banking and Reconciliations
    * Payroll (Salary & Wages) Management Centre
    * Tracks all Fixed Assets & Depreciations (In-Built Fixed Assets Manager)
    * It allows General Journals Entries & Audit Trails
    * It has over 1000 in built Detailed Financial Reports and many other functions

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