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QuickBooks for Professional Services

Keep profits on track and clients happy
Handle job costing, manage cash flow, and track clients—all with remote access* from anywhere. The Professional Services Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise is ideal for legal firms, medical firms, engineering firms, architecture firms, graphic design companies, marketing agencies, and other such services.

The key difference between this version and the Standard Edition is the ability to send proposals and create a few extra reports.

Unique business models call for unique solutions
QuickBooks Enterprise offers service businesses like yours a simple way to manage project estimates, billing, payments, and accounting functions.

Maximize profits with accurate project costing
Enterprise comes with project-costing features specifically designed to help professional service firms track projections to actual results. You can track expenses in real time and react quickly if they run higher than expected. Accurate data will help you maintain and improve project profits.

Time tracking made easy
TSheets Elite* lets employees keep track of time spent on a particular project, from anywhere. Best of all, the data rolls up into project costing reports and payroll in QuickBooks, reducing manual work and double data entry. You’ll be able to save time and deliver work to plan.

Pay employees with ease
With QuickBooks Payroll,* you can quickly pay employees and contractors right from QuickBooks with printed checks, free direct deposit*, or both. Utilize project costing, class and item tracking data for accurate paychecks. And with Assisted Payroll*, we manage your payroll taxes and filings for you—guaranteed on-time and accurate.*.

Get powerful business insights
Get the information you need with customizable reports bundled for professional services, or create your own with Advanced Reporting.* Drill down into account details to analyze missed revenue opportunities and identify your most profitable clients and team members.

QuickBoos Desktop Editions with Perpetual Licenses (One-time Pay)

1. QuickBooks Desktop 2015
2. QuickBooks Desktop 2016
3. QuickBooks Desktop 2017
4. QuickBooks Desktop 2018
5. QuickBooks Desktop 2019
5. QuickBooks Desktop 2020

QuickBooks Desktop 2021
  • * It has Chart of Accounts or Ledgers Centre
    * Tracks Customers, Employees and Suppliers Details
    * Tracks Services & Items that the business deals in
    * Tracks Incomes, Interests & Commissions
    * Tracks Bills and Payments
    * Tracks and Records Annual Budgets
    * Tracks business Receivables and Payables
    * Tracks Taxes (LST, VAT, PAYE, NSSF, WHT etc)
    * Create Credit Notes, Quotations, LPOs, Invoices, Receipts, & Payment Vouchers
    * Manages Business Loans & Repayment Schedule
    * It perfectly tracks Stock (Stock-In and Stock-Out)
    * It does Banking and Reconciliations
    * Payroll (Salary & Wages) Management Centre
    * Tracks all Fixed Assets & Depreciations (In-Built Fixed Assets Manager)
    * It allows General Journals Entries & Audit Trails
    * It has over 1000 in built Detailed Financial Reports and many other functions

  • Proposals: Along with estimates, you can create proposals in the Professional Services Edition. It’s possible to add items, item descriptions, estimated hours/quantity, rate, amount, markup, class, and total to proposals.

    Quick Invoice: This is a display screen of all projects and the time, expenses, mileage, items, and totals associated with those projects. You can invoice directly from this screen, which makes billing for jobs easier.

    Item Percent Complete: This tool allows you to see the percentage complete on each item within your current jobs and projects.

    Custom Billing Rates: You can set custom billing rate levels for different types of employees within your organization. For example, you can set different rates for a law associate, outside consultants, partners, and paralegals. You can set fixed hourly rates or custom hourly rates by service item.

    Customized Chart Of Accounts: QuickBooks Enterprise Professional Services Edition comes with a default chart of accounts specifically designed for legal, medical, and engineering-type businesses.

    Professional Service Reports: In addition to the 140+ reports that come with Enterprise, you’ll receive access to 18 other reports. Most of these reports revolve around job costing but there are several reports specific to professional service as well such as a Billed vs. Proposal by Project report.